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Camera Recalibration Service

Today an increasing number of new vehicles are coming equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These systems use cameras and sensors located throughout the vehicle to reduce the risk of accidents and assist the driver with a range of capabilities. When windshields are replaced on vehicles with (ADAS), recalibration can sometimes be necessary to ensure these systems are functioning properly. The camera attached to the windshield is what we recalibrate.

Weber Auto Glass technicians have advanced training and specialized equipment to ensure your (ADAS) system and camera will be recalibrated accurately. We provide this very important service so windshield replacement and system recalibration can be done in a single appointment ensuring your safety.

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Dynamic Vs Static

With today’s new vehicles, not every manufacturer has the same Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) so we provide two types of camera recalibration service depending on the make and model of your vehicle and what type of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) it uses. The first is Dynamic Recalibration, which is more common in domestic cars. We plug in the system to your ODB port and drive the vehicle at a set speed on well marked roads to recalibrate the system. We offer this as a mobile option also, so when we come to replace your windshield, we can recalibrate your camera simultaneously. This allows you to have your car back in working order and keep you safe on the road. Static Recalibration is performed while the vehicle is parked and requires the camera attached to the windshield be aimed at a target mounted directly in front of the vehicle. This service must be performed in our shop and generally takes an hour.

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